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Bikini Judging Criteria

The Bikini Division is a swimsuit/modelling contest designed to find the most marketable, most beautiful & most fit swimsuit models.

Competitors are judged in 2 rounds:

  • Overall fitness and balance in the Bikini division is achieved through a lightly muscled and not overly lean physique as to Figure, Fit Body, or Bodybuilding.
  • Presentation takes into account grooming, tan, hair & make-up, and suit selection.

Competition attire:

  • Stones are allowed on suits. Studs, rhinestones, beads and appliqués are allowed on the bikini competition posing suits including the on the fabric, connectors, straps and hip connectors.
  • Traditional two-piece beach bikini swimsuit in good taste
  • Appropriate coverage in the back of the suit is REQUIRED.
  • No thongs or T-backs.
  • The fabric may be a multi-colored fabric of choice in solid print
  • Jewellery is permitted but should not distract from physique.
  • The Head Judge has the right to deduct 1 point if the above requirements are not met.


  • Brazilian cut
  • 30% coverage


  • 5” heels required
  • Platforms no higher than 1″ (widest part)
  • Straps or strapless allowed

Quarter Turn Poses / Mandatory Poses

Front Pose

Side Pose (Both Sides)

Back Pose

Bikini Walk Pattern

The athletes T-walk will be performed after the mandatory poses are complete, the class will be lined up at the back of the stage, where one at a time each athlete will walk up and do their T-Walk and then return to the end of the line.

You will execute poses at four locations:

  • 1st Location: Rear Center stage (front pose)
  • 2nd Location: Front Right side of stage (side pose facing center stage)
  • 3rd Location: Front Center stage (front & rear pose)
  • 4th Location: Front Left Side of stage (side pose facing center stage)


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