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Bodybuilding Judging Criteria

Men and women in the Bodybuilding Divisions will be judged through a series of poses that will allow the judges to evaluate not only individual body parts but also the “whole package.”

Men wear a bodybuilding posing suit; women wear a two-piece bodybuilding suit with or without embellishments.

Athletes are judged in two rounds:

  • Symmetry encompasses overall balance and conditioning.
  • Muscularity and conditioning judges mass, definition, and proportion.

Weight Classes*


  • Lightweight – 165lbs and under
  • Middleweight – 165lbs to 180lbs
  • Heavyweight – 180lbs and over

*Subject to change based on promoters discretion

Weight Classes


  • Lightweight – 118lbs and under
  • Middleweight – 118lbs and over

Quarter Turn Poses

Front Relaxed

Side Pose (Both Sides)

Back Relaxed

Mandatory Poses

Front Double Biceps

Front Lat Spread

Side Chest

Side Triceps

Rear Double Biceps

Rear Lat Spread

Ab & Thigh

Most Muscular


Bodybuilding Routine

A maximum of 90 seconds will be allowed for each competitor with music to display their overall physique, conditioning, individuality, and creativity with their presentation. Props may be used and are encouraged. Routines are only performed in the finals.

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