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Fit Body Judging Criteria

Fit Body judges are looking for a more athletic physique but without the muscle mass of the bodybuilding division, such as overly ripped or vascular shoulders or arms.

Scoring is based on two rounds:

  • Symmetry is judged on balanced proportions; upper and lower body should not overpower the other, and no one body part should overpower the rest of the physique.
  • Muscle tone will focus on the overall conditioning of the body, not overly muscular, too striated, or hard looking. Competitors should not appear to be at the same physical level of a Bodybuilding competitor.

Competition attire:

  • Two piece posing suit that crosses over and attaches in the back.
  • The two-piece suit must be in good taste– thongs or T-back bottoms are not allowed.
  • The suit may be adorned with rhinestones, sparkles, sequins, etc.
  • Jewelry is permitted; Body jewelry (piercing) is allowed, so long as it is not offensive.
  • Jewelry such as earring, necklace, bracelets may be worn, but should not obscure the physique
  • The Head Judge has the right to deduct 1 point if the above requirements are not followed.


  • 5” heels required
  • Platforms no higher than 1″ (widest part)
  • Straps or strapless allowed

Quarter Turn Poses

Front Pose

Side Pose

Back Pose

Side Pose

Mandatory Poses

Front Double Biceps

Rear Double Biceps

Side Chest

Side Triceps

Front Abdominal

Fit Body Walk Pattern

The athletes I-walk will be performed after the mandatory poses are complete, the class will be lined up at the back of the stage, where one at a time each athlete will walk up to centre-front of the stage and perform their 5 mandatory poses as a routine to house music.

You will execute all 5 mandatory poses at centre-front stage:

  • The order of 5 poses is up to you
  • Music will be provided
  • Athletes will have up to 30 seconds


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