By Chad Brandt

In 1999 I was in a real dark place. I was an alcoholic, party-aholic, depressed, not working, sleeping all day, eating poorly, had no goals, and was shutting all of my friends out.

One night when I was living with my grandparents, drinking a mickey of Southern Comfort in the dark in bed, I had the urge to get up and go for a walk.  The walk turned into an angry sprint that made me physically ill.  As I sat there on the curb I asked myself a life altering question…

“Do you want to change your life and be willing to do anything to make it better?  Or do you want to just stop your life tonight?”


I had hit rock bottom.

I was shaking like a leaf and remember faces of my family and close friends popping into my head. All of them were smiling. It seemed to be glimpses of my future.  I saw places, people, faces, feelings, and even sounds.

That night I made the lifesaving decision to help myself, to learn and then to help others. From that day forth I have lived a very goal orientated life.  Those goals helped save me and keep me on track. One of these goals was to get healthy and start working out.

I took the insurance off my car, bought a gym pass, and walked to the gym daily to fill my time.  What started out as a pursuit to become healthy, developed into a passion for sculpting my body and creating my new self.  I stayed on this path for some time.

After years and years of working on myself and continuously reading about bodybuilding in magazines, I decided to see if I could take my fitness to the next level.  I made the goal of dedicating myself 5 years to natural bodybuilding and see how far I could take it (with the 5 year goal of becoming a professional bodybuilder).

I’m 4 years into my bodybuilding goal and I have accomplished the goal of obtaining my WNBF Pro Card at the INBF Canada Central Natural Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba and will be making my Pro Debut on October 24th in Edmonton, Alberta  at the WNBF Pro Intercontinental Championships.INBF posedown

Today, I am a huge believer in manifesting what you want.  Those goals/manifestations start out as just that. But with those goals, hard work, and trusted instincts they can and will come true.  I know there will be some brick walls to smash down, but I look at those as positive learning experiences and opportunities to reflect. Slow down. Take a breath. Regroup.  Reflect on what I have done. Learn how to move forward.

I have been a work in progress, but have much to be proud of with my accomplishments since that day.  I am a husband, entrepreneur, business owner, coach, nutritionist, WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder, and have found a passion for life and work.  Bodybuilding is my passion. It has helped keep me grounded, focused and driven towards attaining something better.  I wake up everyday with chad-supermanthe goal of consistently improving my life; and through my business the lives, health and fitness of my clients.  I have been the lowest of lows and through my own experience it allows me to relate and help me find ways to assist my clients with their goals.


I’m working towards reaching out to more individuals to help them with their lives and struggles through fitness and hope that my new Project Action Online Transformation program can provide that guidance and support to those people that need it throughout the world (visit my website for more information on the program and other services)

“Your life is not going to change, it is YOU who has to change your life!”

Mathew Park

About Mathew Park

Mathew Park, NAIT PFT Diploma, NASM; CPT, CES, PES, is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder and Lover of Life!

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