By Jaime Otitoju

I started working out back in 1995 during my first year of high school at a local gym and at school.  I was always involved in sports throughout school.  I quickly realized my passion for weight training and started playing Rugby along with Volleyball.  At the young age of 20, I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show.  I have now been involved in the bodybuilding/fitness industry as a competitor for over 10 years, and was a past club & provincial Rugby player for 10+ years.  However I did take a break for 4 years from competing and sports to become a wife and proud mother to 2 beautiful daughters.  I was not as active and diligent with my nutrition when I knew better and I ended up gaining 50-60 lbs during each pregnancy.   

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It was a big challenge trying to balance weight training with family life with having two younger children and the excess weight gain from pregnancy.  It really hit home when I was looking at pictures of myself at our eldest 3rd birthday party in April 2011 and I did not like what I saw; I had allowed my personal health & fitness slip post pregnancy.  I then sought a trainer and got to work as I knew all too well the work ahead of me in preparing for my first show back since the break.  Prepping for my first show post pregnancy was another challenge of its own, as I had a lot of issues with controlling the portions of my food intake which resulted in higher amounts of cardio.  Hence, I did not come in the best that I could have for that show but in saying that, it pushed me to be more determined than ever to become more mentally focused and determined to be a better version of myself for the 2014 competition year.   Sometimes being at a weak point and unsatisfied with your results makes you hungry for progress!

Since getting back into fitness as a competitor in 2012, I truly felt my purpose and passion lied in being able to help others achieve their goals and become a better version of themselves.  I started group and personal training in-studio in my current town of Pilot Butte, starting up Foundation Fitness and I have not looked back since!  I am excited and thrilled to have joined the Strength Monopoly team at Mettle Performance Training Center to fulfill my dream career and expand our team to be the best in Regina.  

I am currently a Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) organization.  My goal as a Personal Trainer is to provide the proper foundation for fitness through the following 3 principles I strongly believe in; Positivity & Perseverance, Nutrition, and Training. *Stay focused, work hard and you will achieve what the mind believes!

My ultimate goal as a natural physique competitor was to earn my pro card within a natural and drug tested organization.  I am truly blessed to have competed in a total of 9 bodybuilding shows to date with SABBA, CBBF and INBF Canada.  I knew this was the year of glorification for me as I decided to compete with the INBF Canada in two shows.  I was pleased with my placing at the Calgary show in May but knew I had the potential to do better, so competing in the INBF Canada Central Natural Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba was a dream turned to realty as I won my Ms.Fit Body division and Pro card!  I know this is just the beginning of my career as a professional in the fitness industry and more great things to come for me as an athlete, competitor, trainer, wife, and mother!

-21 Jamie Otitoju - INBFCANADA PHOTO TEAM-0725As I was growing up my Dad would always take me to the gym and while he worked out, I would read fitness magazines and watch everyone workout.  My mom also had her own bench and weights at home, so watching my parents exercise was instrumental in my pursuit for working out.  Also my auntie competed in the early 80’s and was Ms. Saskatchewan as well, so I guess it runs in the family.

My challenge I overcame when I started was to balance my love for working out, sports and working in the gym and training clients early in my 20’s.  I did not have the proper balance, which resulted in loosing focus and motivation for my own training , training others and working the gym which I loved doing but choosing one was best for competing in the sport.  I also needed to ensure my mind was focused so portion control of foods was kept stable, workouts progressed and stress was minimal.

I chose to be natural, as it coincides with my core values and beliefs, as staying true to my morals and my body are highly important to me as a woman.  Altering any hormonal or genetic balance within my body was never appealing to me nor did I deem it to be healthy or safe for my long term health, appearance and condition.  I was never a follower but believed in leading my own goals and destiny within the fitness industry!

I was inspired by two of my girlfriends who competed in fitness & bodybuilding back in 2001 as we trained and worked together at a gym in Regina.  I then decided to hire the same trainer they both had and compete as a bodybuilder in a spring show.  I figured I would give it a try as I had nothing to lose, and if I liked it I would continue, if not I would just keep playing Rugby and working out.


My big goal is to win a Pro Level show within the WNBF organization and become a sponsored athlete.  

I strive and work hard to make improvements on my overall conditioning and physique so I can be better every time I step on the stage to compete.

My core values are love, respect, honesty, integrity, positivity, loyalty, perseverance and hard work.

My passion and desire to be successful in the fitness industry, be a positive role model for my children and others looking to live a healthy lifestyle and my loving, supportive husband drive me to be who I am.

I strive each day to find the right balance that works for my family as they are my support system.  Fitness and being active is a big part of my family’s lifestyle.  We all share in the prepping of food, sharing chores and household duties, scheduling appointments around the children and family and not getting too overbooked.  I start my day around 5am and keep flexibility within my day for training, clients and family activities.  It also helps that I love to be organized and prepared for each day, along with good time management skills.

Right now I am in contest prep mode and 5 weeks out from my first Pro level show!

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Weights, I currently do a 4 day split of:

Day 1 – Shoulders & Core

Day 2 – Glutes & Arms

Day 3 – Back & Chest

Day 4 – Legs

Cardio is every day for 35mins +, often completing 2 sessions closer to showtime to bring a leaner, tighter and conditioned physique to the stage.  Nutrition is 99% bang on, tracking my macros daily and hitting all targets to stay stable and on course.  I also consume a minimum of 6L of water per day, sometimes more if my workouts are intense and I strive to get 8-9 hours of sleep per night.  I am a firm believer in sticking to routine, so I keep my bedtime and rising steady all throughout my contest prep.

The best lesson I’ve learned, is to be mentally prepared and committed when you decide to pursue and achieve your goals.  It requires the support from those around you, time, dedication, determination and consistency.  Find something you enjoy doing and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Perfection does not exist but consistency is key!  My mantra is the same as my coach, “Mind over Matter”.


Jaime Otitoju, WNBF Ms. Fit Body Pro

Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Management Specialist – A.C.E

Twitter: @JaimeOtitoju

Instagram: @jaimeotitoju

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