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President of INBF Canada and Peak Mindset Coach Mathew Park interview’s Ken Donaldson with ITR Polygraph on why the polygraph test is a key element used with INBF Canada, WNBF and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Competitions. Also how this ensures a fair, clean drug-free platform for all athletes in competition.

Often we get asked what makes INBF Canada and the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) so different. First off, the WNBF is the longest standing Natural Pro federation in existence, since its founding in 1989, that’s over 25 years!

Secondly, we are the ONLY natural federations that undergo a policy where EVERY athlete must undergo a polygraph test to ensure their full drug-free status before they step on stage. This ensures the integrity and fairness amongst all athletes who train so hard to get on that stage.

Our second policy is a urinalysis to all the overall pro card winners who are awarded the prestigious WNBF Pro Card at the show, results are sent in for final review until then full pro card status is not initiated.

Our team stands proud behind these rules as we believe in integrity as one of our highest values.

Let me ask you, how proud do you feel when you compete in a fully drug tested competition? ‘Fully’ defined as every single athlete.”
– Mathew Park

The Polygraph Examination is meant only to eliminate athletes who use banned substances from trying to enter and compete for the INBF organization. For more information, check out our pages on Polygraph Tests and Banned Substances & Drug Testing.

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