By:  Ken Donaldson, Certified Forensic Psychophysiologist

I was a Fireman for 6 years, with a passion for investigations.

The science of Polygraph has always been of key interest to me.  I graduated from the Academy of Polygraph Science in Largo, Florida in 2003. The course I completed was APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited and I am a Certified Forensic Psychophysiologist. The APA is the #1 body in this field.

itrAfter extensive research and witnessing the growth of Polygraph testing in the United States, I created ITR Inc. Polygraph Service to provide Polygraph examinations for Canadians. Since 9/11 security has become a #1 priority, making Polygraph a desirable tool for Statement Verification, and the like. The Polygraph examination is scientifically proven to detect deception.

ITR Inc. uses the Lafayette computerized Polygraph instrument. While in Largo, Florida I conducted examinations for the Largo Police/Fire Dept. and Dunbar Armored Car Company. The clients of ITR Inc. include legal counsel, security companies, insurance investigators, family counselors, competitions & tournaments that offer prize money, corporations for employee statement verification and the general public. One of our corporate clients is Mathew Park, President of the INBF Canada.

I am very proud to be the official Polygraph Examiner for INBF Canada and have been since 2008. All Athletes who compete are subject to a Polygraph Examination for the purpose of eliminating illegal drug use within the sport of Natural Body Building and Fitness. The questions for the Polygraph Examination are in direct relation to the INBF Canada & WNBF Banned Substance List referenced on the INBF Canada official website.

10440774_727466763961682_1849558365125159387_nIn 2008 I was fortunate to be asked to make a 13 Episode TV Documentary Series for Court TV called “The Lie Detective” the focus is on my work as a Polygraph Examiner. The first Episode of the Documentary features Mathew Park and the Athletes who competed in the very first INBF Canada Competition in Edmonton, AB.

Mathew Park wanted to create an organization that gave Athletes, who live a life style free of performance enhancing drugs, a place to compete and feel like they belong amongst other like – minded Athletes.

Since there is are lengthy bans contained in the INBF Canada & WNBF Banned List, such as a 7 year ban for anabolic steroid and growth hormone, the Polygraph Examination is a reliable and trusted tool to verify if an Athlete has used any banned substance within that time frame. However, a simple blood or urine test cannot go back that far and therefore is not a reliable tool for achieving an All Natural Organization, such as the INBF Canada.

The INBF Canada and WNBF drug testing standards are very high and taken very seriously. It is the most important appointment for the Athlete.  The Athlete must pass the Polygraph Examination in order to compete. As the Polygraph Examiner, I ask the Athlete three questions that are relevant to the Ban10615557_771997772841914_7460853547349043646_nned Substance List.  The set of questions are repeated twice so that there is consistent data over a period of time. I do not render an opinion with the use of only one set of questions.  I will conduct a very thorough and fair Examination for all Athletes.  Any Athlete who has a prescription for a type of medication that they need for medical reasons would need to provide a Doctor’s note with explanation.  If the Doctor’s note is determined to be accurate it is likely that Athlete would be able to compete.

It is important to note that mostly all people who attend for a Polygraph Examination will be nervous to some degree and that is perfectly normal. Athletes are not tested on nervousness they are tested on deception to the issue, the issue being the Banned Substance List.  If an Athlete is telling the truth then that Athlete will pass the Polygraph Examination. However, if the Athlete is not telling the truth to any one of the Relevant questions pertaining to the Banned Substance List then that Athlete will fail.

Regarding the Polygraph Examination process for each Athlete

There is a pre-test interview that prepares the Athlete psychologically for the Examination. During this time, my wife of 22 years and business partner, Lesley Donaldson meets personally with each Athlete to welcome them to the INBF Canada and explain to the Athlete what will take place. This time is crucial to helping the Athlete relax and be given an opportunity to ask any questions12044681-large they have prior to the examination or go over an issue of medication.

Then, during the Polygraph Examination, there are no other persons allowed in the Polygraph Suite. Athletes will meet one on one with the Polygraph Examiner. I will ask the Athlete some physiological questions and again offer a time to go over anything else that the Athlete may need to discuss in private with me prior to the Examination.

As a Certified Forensic Psychophysiologist, I study how the mind affects the body. Using the Polygraph equipment, I monitor 4 channels of data simultaneously. During the Polygraph Examination I am going to monitor two channels of breathing, one pnumo tube is placed around the Athlete’s stomach and the other one is placed higher up on top of the chest. I will strap two sensors to the Athlete’s fingers to monitor galvanic skin response ormaxresdefault perspiration in the palm of their hand.  I will put a blood pressure cuff on their arm to monitor their pulse rate and blood volume.

I am able to accurately diagnose the presence of physiological responses to these carefully worded questions and reach a conclusion concerning the issue under investigation. The statements of the Athlete can be rapidly and accurately verified or discredited in a timely fashion using the Polygraph Examination.

Everyone who comes to see me is nervous.  That is perfectly normal and will not pass or fail you.  The purpose of the Pol11227057_1651100998443006_4619071467848973341_nygraph Examination is to detect deception to the issue, not nervousness.  If there is no deception indicated regarding the relevant questions pertaining to the Banned Substance List, that Athlete will pass the Polygraph Examination. However, if there is deception indicated regarding the issue under investigation then that Athlete will fail and will not be allowed to continue.

The INBF Canada does not pick and choose who they examine. It is every Athlete, every time. It is also my understanding that the INBF Canada is the only Natural Fitness Organization in Canada, to test for 7 year drug free status, to offer such Examinations to their Athletes. This creates an elite group of Athletes. These Athletes claim the right to call themselves, Natural Athletes without question. It has been my experience as the Polygraph Examiner for the INBF Canada that the Athletes prefer this avenue of testing. It allows for the Athletes to compete on an even playing field with each other. The comradery between the Athletes within the INBF Canada has been outstanding. This Organization is widely known for providing their Athletes with an amazing, powerful, encouraging and often life changing experience at each one of their Events.

It is a joy to work with Mathew Park his partner Rozanne Pyper and the incredible INBF Canada team within his organization.  Lesley and I look forward to each Competition and the opportunity to meet with each and every Athlete. They all have a story of what brought them to this point and connecting with Athletes on that level is very important to us and the INBF Canada. I encourage anyone who is considering competing as a Natural Athlete to consider the INBF Canada as we would love to have you.


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For any additional information regarding myself or my company, ITR Inc. Polygraph Service; here are some references to research.

[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”tiny” image=”fa-caret-right”] Our company has been featured on several radio stations such as the 630 CHED’s Leslie Primo show, CFCW, The Bear, K-Rock, Energy 101.5 out of Calgary, Joe Cannon show out of Montreal, and 104.9 Virgin Radio.


[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”tiny” image=”fa-caret-right”] ITR has also been advertised on TV shows such as BT TV with Bridgette Ryan, Careers TV, a Special Assignment with Dave Ewasuk from CTV News and City TV News with Paul Brown.


[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”tiny” image=”fa-caret-right”] ITR Inc. Polygraph Service was also fortunate to be featured in Alberta Venture Magazine Dec. 2006, the St. Albert Gazette, Saint City News, The National Post, The Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun.


[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”tiny” image=”fa-caret-right”] ITR was also featured in February 2013 edition of Avenue Magazine on pages 22 & 23.


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Best Regards,
Ken Donaldson, ITR Inc. Polygraph Service
“In God We Trust, All Others We Polygraph”


Mathew Park

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Mathew Park, NAIT PFT Diploma, NASM; CPT, CES, PES, is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder and Lover of Life!

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