June 17, 2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

WNBF Canada

Winnipeg Naturals


PROMOTERS: Dino Camire

Event Details

PROMOTERS: Dino & Camire
June 17, 2022
LOCATION: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
TIME: Live judging 12pm -6pm

Grand-Masters Men’s Bodybuilding (50+)
Masters Women’s Bodybuilding (40+)
Masters Men’s Bodybuilding (40+)
Open Women’s Bodybuilding
Open Men’s Bodybuilding

Fit Body

Grand-Masters Figure (50+)
Masters Figure (40+)
Open Figure

The New You – Transformation Category

Masters Men’s Physique (40+)
Open Men’s Physique

Grand-Masters Bikini (50+)
Masters Bikini (40+)
Open Bikini

Athletes may cross-over into 1 other class
GM Bikini, Masters Bikini, Open Bikini & Fit Body – OK, only 2 classes – will pay 3 crossover fees
GM Bikini, Masters Bikini, Open Figure & Fit Body – NOT OK, 3 classes
‘Bikini’ is one class, ‘Figure’ is one class; GM, Masters, Open are categories. Athletes can do all categories within the class, by paying the crossover fee for each category.  

The NEW You:

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for those who have gone through inspirational journeys, in transforming their bodies and lives but are not comfortable to step on stage in a posing suit but by showcasing it on stage in athletic wear.

This is a class for those who have lost tremendous amounts of weight, have made healthy habits a priority, reversed obesity related diseased, come of prescription drugs etc. and are genuinely proud of this.

This class will be judged on:

  • Overall body change – there will be a before photo to be displayed on presentation screen
  • Transformation story – to be submitted prior to the event, will be summarized by the emcee, while athletes are on stage

Registration Fees

Before December 31 – Early bird registration fee is $120.
January 1 – May 15 – Regular registration fee is $160.
May 16 – Show Day  – Late registration fee is $200.
Each cross-over class is an additional $55.
The New You – Registration fee is $50.

Competition Venue


Host Hotel


Athlete Check in & Competitor’s Meeting

Athlete check in Friday, June 17 from 12-3PM at One Family Fitness Centre
Mandatory meeting Friday, June 17 starting 6 PM SHARP at TBD

Prizes & Awards

Most Inspirational Journey Award
Please submit your story to Dino@WNBFCanada.ca

Best Poser Award
Will be selected on show day.

WNBF Pro Cards

Men’s & Women’s Bodybuilding, Masters Men’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Masters Figure, Fit Body, Men’s Physique, Bikini & Masters Bikini. (Minimum class numbers required.)

Polygraph Testing

*** Mandatory for All Athletes ***

You will not be able to compete if you have not successfully completed a polygraph test before the competition. Individual competitors are responsible for booking their own polygraph test by contacting Ken and Lesley Donaldson of ITR Polygraph Service.

All athletes must pay $75 + 5% GST (Total = $78.75 CAD) directly to the Polygraph team at the time of testing.

Please Note: Policy rule for polygraph 2 weeks Pros and 6 weeks for Amateurs.

Please print the Athlete Questionnaire PDF before polygraph appointment.

Photo Packages

For any questions, please contact the WNBF Canada Photography Team wnbfcanada@sombilon.com or (604) 916-0257.

Please Note: Absolutely no SLR/DSLR professional equipment or equivalent is permitted in venue. Small Personal digital cameras are allowed at WNBF Canada events for private, non – commercial use only. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Services


Organic Tan – For more information about booking your tan please contact as far in advance as possible.

Email: winnipeg@organictan.ca
Phone: (204) 226-2425


Ignite Competition Suits – Posing Suit Company

Email: lisa.kulczycki@yahoo.ca

Hair & Make up

Jayme Galloway can be reached at jaymegalloway@yahoo.com.

Trainer Incentive Program

Any trainer that brings three (3) or more athletes to WNBF Canada show receives one (1) COMPLIMENTARY ticket for entire competition day. Trainer MUST email Dino Camire to confirm or will not be eligible.

Competition Workshops

Our Competition Workshops are seminars to help ensure you understand everything about competing with the WNBF Canada organization. They are organized and hosted by our stellar team of professional athletes, trainers, nutritionists, bodybuilders and fitness models who have all competed and are incredibly knowledgeable, inspiring and quite simply, nothing short of awesome. Our workshops are held at various locations within the same city as an WNBF Canada competitions. All athletes are welcome! Find out all the details and register on our Competition Workshops page.

December 11, 2022
February 5, 2023

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