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Men's Physique

Judging Criteria

Physique Division Competitors Are Lean, Fit And Muscular, Yet Do Not Have The Muscle Mass Or Extreme Leanness Required For The Bodybuilding Division.

Competitors are Judged in Two Rounds:

Symmetry & Muscle Tone – judges are looking for is a lean, fit, muscular physique that is balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Athletes should be groomed properly, possess a small waist, and have a good V- taper from the shoulders to the obliques.

Presentation – competitors are judged for their male fitness model qualities. Grooming, and overall aesthetic presentation are taken into consideration as judges look for the best overall package.

A competitor holding too much muscle mass may be scored down

Download the WNBF/INBF Men's Physique Division Judging Criteria

Competition Attire

Board Shorts Men’s Physique competition attire should be conventional board shorts with inseams no shorter than 6 inches and no longer than 11 inches.

The waistband should fit no lower than 3 inches below the navel.

The legs of the shorts should fit appropriately to accentuate the athlete’s physique.


Front Pose

Side Pose


1 hand must be on hip in back pose

Men's Physique Walk Pattern

The Athletes T-Walk Will Be Performed After The Mandatory Poses Are Complete, The Class Will Be Lined Up At The Back Of The Stage, Where One At A Time Each Athlete Will Walk Up And Do Their T-Walk And Then Return To The End Of The Line.

At some shows a Box Walk will be used instead which omits #2 Center Stage stop. Competitors will go from #1 starting position straight to #3 Stage Right.

You will execute poses at four locations:

1st Location: Rear Center stage (front pose)

2nd Location: Front Right side of stage (side pose facing center stage)

3rd Location: Front Center stage (front & rear pose)

4th Location: Front Left Side of stage (side pose facing center stage)