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Honesty. Integrity. Credibility.

We would love to give you an opportunity to be part of an amazing organization; WNBF Canada.

We are different than other organizations for natural athletes; we offer the Polygraph Examination, used as a tool for athletes, to prove that they are indeed natural athletes.

The Polygraph Examination is a trusted science around the world.

The Polygraph is known to be scientifically proved to detect deception. The Polygraph examination does not falsely fail athletes.Nervousness is normal and is not the same as deception.

The WNBF only tests athletes for Banned Substances; not recreational drugs such as marijuana or your personal lifestyle.

The process is very simple taking approximately 20min. Ken Donaldson is the Polygraph Examiner and has owned and operated ITR Inc. Polygraph Service for 10 years. ITR Inc. Polygraph Service has been providing the Polygraph examinations for the WNBF since its conception in 2008.

The Polygraph examination is not meant to intimidate and scare natural athletes; it’s meant only to eliminate athletes who use banned substances from trying to enter and compete for the WNBF organization. This ensures the integrity of the sport and makes it an even playing field for all athletes who are eligible to compete.

If you have any questions regarding the Polygraph examination within the WNBF, please don’t hesitate to contact Ken Donaldson at (780) 460-1040.

Best Regards & Best of Luck to all the athletes who enter,
Ken & Lesley Donaldson, ITR Inc. Polygraph Service

Ken Donaldson is “The Lie Detective” you can watch “The Lie Detective” on Youtube!

A story from Edmonton Journal about Ken Donaldson, ITR Inc. Polygraph Service: “The business of truth: St. Albert’s ‘Lie Detective’ on the science of deception ‘We all tell lies to our friends and our families every day… But it’s the big lies. The lies that are damaging.'”

An interview that aired recently on CTV TWO Alberta Prime Time about Ken Donaldson, ITR Inc. Polygraph Service